Welcome to Actai Networks

Actai Networks Pte Ltd, Actai Networks GmbH in Germany and its Branch Office located in Taiwan develop and operate mobile phone solutions in Europe and Asia.

Our customers are VMNOs (Virtual Mobile Network Operators) and Media companies with a focus on online and TV / Radio media.

VMNOs are Mobile Operators that do not own a network but instead rent mobile network capacity. For these VMNOs, Actai provides a complete Mobile Brand Experience with customized WEB and WAP Pages, online customer registration and mobile phone provisioning.

Actai enables media companies to market their existing content in the mobile scene. Mobile Internet is gaining momentum due to increasing connection speeds and larger phone screen resolutions. These days, mobile browsing is beginning to become more like a PC internet experience.

Our comprehensive development process covers all areas of mobile phone services: SMS and MMS messaging, device recognition, OTA provisioning, WAP-Push deliveries, and content portal engines. These are only a few of the many services that Actai provides. We have integrated our modules for total solution and deployed them on flexible software platforms, complying with all international GSM standards.

Our device development capabilities for iPhone™ and iPod™ touch have been demonstrated with the FriendCaller app that became fast a TOP selling social networking app in the iTunes™ app store. We co-developed the app with our sister company C2Call GmbH.

Actai is not only a technology provider, but one of Europe’s leading content aggregators. Contracts with important music labels and international content developers for mobile games, pictures, and video content complete our offering. Our daily updated database contains ten of thousands of content items at any given time.