Mobile Content Services

Nowadays mobile phones are personalized with the user's favourite song as ringtone and decorated with custom backround, purchased with the mobile phone or by use of Premium services.

Actai Networks' integrated Content, Service and Delivery Platform delivers any kind of mobile content to the hundreds of different phone models on the market. This provides a base for Mobile Operators, along with Content and Service Providers, to market their mobile content. Clients can upload their own content and have access to a huge range of mobile content aggregated by Actai.

Actai's Mobile Content Service offers customers different possibilities of mobile paying procedures: Premium SMS or Voucher Service.

The complete spectrum of services involving the topic of mobile content is completely covered by Actai Networks.

Service und Delivery Platform

Actai's integrated Service and Content Delivery Platform for mobile devices delivers media like monophonic, polyphonic, realtone-ringtones, videos, java games, audio files, text, along with still and animated images to more than 1100 different mobile phone models from more than 50 different Vendors. The mobile content can be delivered via SMS, MMS and WAP-Push.

Currently supported are Polyphonic ringtones, Truetones and Realtones, Wallpapers, Animations, Mobile Phone Skins, Logos, Videos, Applications and Java Games.


Device Profiling

Supporting more than 1100 phone models from 50 vendors, Device Profiling ensures that the right content type, media file or format is delivered to the mobile device. Each individual delivery is monitored and any new phone model detected is automatically added to the Device Profile database.


Content Management

Our Content Management System is the central hub to create, store and manage Mobile Content. The content categorization and user-defined access privilege control enables our customers to manage and control their own portals.


Digital Rights Clearing und Management

Our Digital Rights Clearing system allows Actai to manage the rights for hundred of thousands of titles of music repertoire and any other content. It ensures that purchasing transactions are accurately monitored and reported, to protect content owners. It is certified by the Music Industry and Music Societies such as the German GEMA.


Billing Systems und Interfaces

Our Billing systems and interfaces support an extensive range of methods and pricing models. Pre-Paid Vouchers, Premium SMS MO and MT, WAP and IVR-Billing can be integrated with the Mobile Service Delivery Platform, as well as the Content Management and Digital Rights Clearing Modules.